It is strange trying to figure out what to write about one’s self, at least something someone might actually want to read. I guess the best option is to be overly descriptive using way too many adjectives. Okay, here I go.  I am divorced (not by my choice) with two beautiful little kids. I am creeping up on middle age and some might argue I’ve reached it. My constant craving for new experiences, undying curiosity, my energy level and desire to enjoy life all make up my inner core. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and my career has allowed me to live in some of America’s greatest cities, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I now reside in St Louis, MO. I am a wealth management advisor for a large national bank. I am dedicated to supporting the arts and civic progress. I enjoy physical challenges such as triathlons, adventure races and foot races.  A recent goal, as of two  years ago is to summit all 53 peaks in the state of Colorado measuring 14,000 ft in height. I have climbed three, only 50 more.  My summit journal entries are posted in Stories from the Edge. I am a freak for the beach and ocean. It is by far my favorite place on the planet. I have a passion for photography and writing though I am a terrible speller and my grammar ain’t the best. I love meeting new people and making friends. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site and if you feel so inclined shoot me an email or post a comment.