Wether a divorced dad or self proclaimed bachelor the clandestine world of dating can be confusing, painful, nauseating and often times an emotional minefield. Phycological warfare. Okay, I might be a tad bit dramatic, but it’s a bitch (pun intended). For those of my divorced brothers, you are embarking on a path to reclaim your manhood get back your mojo. For me, I was happy to trade in my amateur card to go pro tying the proverbial knot. I was in my early 30’s. I had spent four years in Manhattan as a serial-dater and yes, I had a really good time. I was ready to settle down and I thought I had found “the one”. Turned out what I found was an ex-wife. All of us have our stories of relationship successes and failures tied together with ribbons of wisdom. My hope is if I provide examples, insight and solid advice you might have greater success in the dating arena. If nothing else at least an entertaining story or two. I have included the below picture as inspiration. This might possibly be an image you envision when thoughts of dating enter your head. I am sure there are other images, but I am trying to keep a NC-17 rating. Don’t ever forget. It is a game and you have to play to win.

South Beach Dreaming

South Beach Dreaming


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