About Edge Mens Magazine

Edge Men’s Magazine is a lifestyle blog-o-zine for men. The mission is to to provide a variety of compelling content, support, guidance, and community for men who’s ages range from slightly south to north of middle age. Basically its for guys navigating the challenging environment of their career, marriage, family, kids, divorce, dating and other aspects of his life. It’s kind of a tossed salad of content, but hopefully you’d find something you like. The idea of launching Edge Men’s Magazine came to me one day as I was flipping through the pages of a popular men’s lifestyle publication. Nearly all of the stories, pictures and editorials were tailored for young men. I realized there was very little to no content related to the interests, concerns or unique needs and experiences of a guy my age. I am not attempting to be an expert on the topic and issues presented, rather hoping to provide useful nuggets of knowledge. It is difficult being “a man” in today’s complicated world. In the pages of Edge Men’s Magazine you will find an ear and perhaps a voice. I welcome comments and connections so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you.

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