Road trip! Who’s coming?

We don't need pantsYep, it’s been quite a while since I’ve put fingers to keyboard. My football coach used to say, “excuses are for losers.” So, no excuses here. Just the desire to find an extra hour or three in the day. The question I will try and answer in this post is, Why the random themes running throughout my blog?

As many of my fellow bloggers and writers understand, when in the midst of working through a story the narrative often takes on a life of its own. Once its rolling, the best thing to do for the creative process is stick out your thumb, climb aboard and enjoy the ride. The process is similar to the birth and continued evolution of my blog. The original ideas which drove me to launch Edge Men’s Magazine were born out of the nastiness of divorce and with an attempt to manage all that comes with the harshness of starting a new chapter in life. This position is clearly presented in a few of my previous posts. Check’ em out: A Sip of Chardonnay. A Twist of the Knife and Fasten Your Seatbelt Turbulence Ahead.

I still believe my blog may serve as a positive forum for a discussion surrounding the challenges of divorce especially when children are involved, jumping back into dating and/or merging a family. With that said, as I have gained distance from “it”, the Big D, my creative energy has been reborn. The peeling away of a crusty outer shell to welcome a flood of thoughts, emotions and images. The challenge now is what to present on the pages of my blog. I love photography. I love writing. I love travel. I have a desire to help others who have gone through, going through or thinking of divorce. Sure makes for an interesting mix of topics. Should I change the name? Change the overall theme? Scrap it and start over? What do you think?

For now I will continue on down the road and see what’s over the next hill. I hope you decide to come along for the ride. Road trips are more fun with a friend.

12 responses to “Road trip! Who’s coming?

  1. How about redefining “living on the edge”? I mean, how do we live life to the fullest as we age, experience loss, etc. And can the best be yet to come? (Hint: uh…yep) Buckle up!


    • Nice response Stacey. I believe the best can be in the future if we walk through the door and welcome opportunity and new experiences. Thanks for commenting. I’l be back in Seattle in Feb and looking forward to catching up.


  2. Write what moves you and others will be moved as well. I know I enjoy your blog no matter what the theme or post of the day. I’m along for the ride and will make a mix-tape for the trip! (Now I’m showing my age…)


    • Allison. Oh the days of mix tapes. There was something simple and extra special when you finished putting together the perfect weekend mix tape. Guess now it’s the perfect iTunes mix. Thanks so much for commenting and following I really appreciate it.


  3. You have come so far in this process, and endured so many emotions along the way. Through it all you have ALWAYS taken the high road and done what is best for your kids. Your views have evolved so its natural for your blog to as well. You are not the type of person to wallow or stay mad…so naturally your stories will follow your journey and positive outlook.
    Keep writing, I’m in. Happy to be along for the ride. Xo


  4. Sounds like you are figuring out who you are again…almost like adolescence all over again! Divorce puberty?
    You use words to their fullest and most robust meanings and write beautifully bro.


  5. The topic is a necessary one, unfortunately, as so many are enduring it and trying to figure it all out. Your writing style and heartfelt comments are creative and inspiring for readers to sort it out for themselves and always do what is best for the children and not let the ego take over with ongoing drama and unnecessary battle. Such useless control.


    • Wow, you’re quick. Thanks so much for following and commenting. It means a lot to me. I love to write, but it’s hard not only to figure out the focus but FIND the time to write. I love to hear your thoughts and read comments on my posts. Please keep ’em coming.


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